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Automotive Li-ion Battery Safety:

Five Minutes to Prevent Thermal Events

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Critical thermal events can occur in Li-ion batteries at any time. The results are not only damaging to property and our environment, but also extremely dangerous for people.

Accurate prediction and timely pre-emptive detection are key to identifying such conditions and mitigating their significant risks.

In this discussion, we’ll share insights from industry-leading experts on the latest detection systems as well as breakthrough solutions that are poised to become essential elements of the rapidly-evolving world of electromobility.

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Dr. Arnold Lamm Founder and Owner of e-Technologies GmbH More details
Florian Hammerschmidt Product Line Director, Battery Performance Solutions More details
Michael Ciaccio Executive Director, Advanced Electrification Technology More details
Melissa Fischer Manager - Corporate Communications More details


  1. Our Panel of Experts
  2. The Consequences of Critical Battery Conditions
  3. Lithium plating, Dendrites and Other Causal Conditions
  4. Smart Solutions: Safety Algorithms & Cloud Computing, Impedance Spectroscopy
  5. Cell Sensing Solutions from Gentherm
  6. Recap and Discussion
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